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Cereal Grains are the building block of North American diets. The majority of raw cereal grains are sourced from Western Canada, which is recognized worldwide for its excellent quality. (all available in precooked whole, bumped, flaked, meal and flour form).

  • Wheat
    one of the most widely used and versatile cereal grains in modern times. Wheat is a popular and functional ingredient for bakery and breakfast cereal applications. Available in Red, White and Purple.
  • Purple Wheat a.k.a. AnthoGrain™ Wheat
    a wheat that is unique to InfraReady. The purple seed coat is an attractive addition to any product. AnthoGrain™ wheat is a good source of anthocyanins, an antioxidant that aids in eye cell repair.
  • Barley
    though primarily grown for brewing and feed applications, barley is also a great cereal grain for use in food applications. It is high in beta-glucan soluble fibres. When included as part of a healthy diet, beta-glucans have been known to aid in digestive and gut health, as well as regulate blood glucose and blood cholesterol levels.
  • Triticale (pron. trit-e-kale-ee)
    a cereal grain bred from rye and wheat. It is a hardy, protein and lysine rich grain and is easily digested. It is often used as a cost effective alternative for oats and is popular in ethnic baking.
  • Rye
    is a good source of fibre. It is a popular choice in European and artisan style breads, because of its stronger flavour, and excellent colour.
  • Malt Wheat & Barley
    a sweet, whole grain addition to any food product. The malting process yields maltose, a sweet and natural sugar that imparts a tangy taste to food ingredients.
  • Brown Rice
    whole grain rice
  • White Rice